Quick splice. High performance belts

CHIOLINK™ is a premium solution for minimizing downtime and increasing production efficiency.
Thanks to the special construction it can be made endless onsite very quickly and in a unique safe way.
CHIOLINK™ high performing elastomer covers combined with a patent pending solution for a quick & safe splicing is a breakthrough for belting efficiency.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Minimized maintenance cost and downtime
  • Increased operational safety
  • Sustainable solution
  • Long service life
Nastri di trasporto
Codice Sigla Materiale Spessore [mm] Trazione Pdf
NA1625ChioLink G15 HS FL Food Grade Elastomero sintetico (NBR)4.0013.00
NA1594ChioLink G40 MF redElastomero naturale (NR)6.5013.00
NA1595ChioLink G40 HS GP redElastomero sintetico (NBR)7.0013.00

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