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Chiorino Values

The value of a company is represented not only by its size but also by the goals it sets for itself and is able to achieve.
Chiorino has always aimed high, trying to strengthen the results achieved and proposing new products tailor-made to the customer needs. Confronting new challenges and hitting increasingly ambitious targets requires synergy and collaboration between company departments, customers and suppliers. Chiorino’s philosophy is to enhance the valued contribution of all stakeholders - a successful business model in every aspect.
Chiorino’s aspiration is to be a dynamic company in constant growth, and a reliable partner whose mission is total customer satisfaction.
Innovative prospects, winning entrepreneurial choices and a top level production division have made Chiorino a world leader in the production of conveyor and transmission belts.
In over one hundred years of history under the entrepreneurial management of the Chiorino family, the company has constantly grown and acquired experience and know-how in many industrial sectors.
Originally founded in 1906 as a tannery, Chiorino has developed to become a reference supplier in the production of conveyor and transmission belts.
The experience gained over the years is of great value to Chiorino and this knowledge has remained firmly implanted in the region, however, Chiorino has exported its entrepreneurial know-how all over the world.
International character
Chiorino is an international company that operates in a global market and is present worldwide through its widespread distribution network, enabling the group to provide excellent application solutions combined with a qualified assistance service to customers.
Chiorino customers are certain to find the same professional qualifications and the same quality of service offered by the parent company, at any of its associated companies and distributors.
Innovation & research are Chiorino’s key strengths. Throughout its history and thanks to its innovative and enterprising ideas, the company has always been driven to develop new products and production processes.
Conveyor and transmission belts are studied and developed to guarantee customer quality, reduced production costs, energy saving, natural resources conservation and compliance with the stricter regulations.
To Chiorino, innovation & research are the points of contact between market demand and the concept of green economy.

Green Company

Energy-efficient products
In developing its products Chiorino takes into consideration all the aspects necessary to reduce energy consumption, such as loads and coefficients of friction. Products that are highly resistant to mechanical stress and abrasion also provide longer operation life and lower production costs.
Conservation of natural resources
In developing its products Chiorino considers their potential indirect impacts. Besides ensuring the highest operation safety level, Chiorino products also facilitate cleaning procedures and limit the use of water and highly polluting detergents.
The careful selection of raw materials, the constant compliance upgrade of R&D laboratories to the new applicable laws regarding food safety, and the combined rigorous controls throughout the production process (Good Manufacturing Practices) ensure the total food contact suitability of Chiorino HACCP products
Human resources safety
The production processes and workplaces are designed to guarantee and protect the health and safety of workers. Using educational programs on prevention and safety, periodic health checks, measurements of noise levels and ongoing inspections of workplaces and machinery, Chiorino ensures a healthy and safe work environment for its employees
Reduced environmental impact
For Chiorino, environmental protection means the prevention of pollution and offering greater transparency to the community and public institutions, while reducing environmental impact. This strategy has made it possible for the company to obtain UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certification and, as the only one among the manufacturers of conveyor belts, EMAS validation (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme).
Total quality
Chiorino is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, the quality management system covering the entire production chain, from design and production to marketing and after-sale service.

Chiorino Certificates

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015

UNI ISO 45001:2018

UNI ISO 50001:2018

A&O Customs

EMAS Certificate

EMAS declaration

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Quality, Environment, Energy, Safety Chiorino policy (italian)

Research and developement

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The history

1906 - Conceria Lorenzo Chiorino is founded in Biella. The founder begins the industrial production of technical products and transmission belts primarily to meet the needs of the Biella textile industry.

1945 - As synthetic materials begin to gain a foothold, the company makes radical changes in its products, processing and clientele.
'60/'70 - Plastic materials and synthetic rubber gradually begin to replace leather. The company starts the production of synthetic conveyor and transmission belts.
1977 - The first foreign company was created, known today as Chiorino U.K.
1983 - Foundation of Chiorino USA
1984 - Foundation of Chiorino France
1988 - Foundation of Chiorino Far East, Chiorino Iberica, Chiorino Veneto
1989 - Foundation of Chiorino Parma
1994 - Foundation of Chiorino Benelux
1996 - Foundation of Chiorino Deutschland
1997 - Chiorino obtaines UNI EN ISO 9001 certification
1999 - Foundation of Chiorino Poland
2001 - Headquarters expansion with the opening of the new Biella South plant. Chiorino obtains the UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification. Foundation of Chiorino Byelorussia
2005 - Foundation of Chiorino Hungary, Chiorino Australia
2006 - Celebration of Chiorino’s 100th anniversary
2006 - Chiorino obtains the EMAS environmental certification
2007 - Foundation of Chiorino Romania
2008 - Foundation of Chiorino South Africa
2012 - Foundation of Chiorino do Brasil, Chiorino Portugal, Chiorino obtains A&O customs certification (Authorized Economic Operator).
2013 - Foundation of Chiorino Shanghai, Chiorino India, Chiorino Asia
2014 - Chiorino obtains Health and Safety OHSAS 18001:2007 certification
2015 - Foundation of Chiorino Switzerland
2017 - New shareholder structure: 80% Chiorino Family, 20% T.I.P.O. (Tamburi Group)
2017 - Foundation of Chiorino Ukraine
2019 - Foundation of Chiorino Slovakia
2020 - Acquisition of REKO S.r.o.
2020 - Acquisition of KRUSE s.r.l.


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